Lingam Massage

Tantric massage for Man

This is an introduction to a world of bliss and euphoric discovery. A tantric massage can provide a unique feeling of inner peace combined with incredible elation. Through this massage we will unleash a feeling of sensuality, security, and confidence through rapturous ecstasy.

Using our aphrodisiac oils, we will relax your mind and calm your heart, allowing you to experience unique moments with your inner self. Gold Hand therapy invites you to lie down and reconnect. We work with both male and female therapists depending on your preference and all are trained to bring you to a climax of mental, sexual, and spiritual ecstasy. 

During the treatment we will apply three different types of massage that will tune your brain waves, heart rate and breathing. The result of this will induce an intoxicating rippling effect throughout your body.

All sessions need an intention and objective. Tantric massage is beyond a technique for “relaxation and pleasure”.
Before any maneuver, touch or massage, the therapist will, through a brief conversation, understand the search of each interagent. Creating an environment of security and confidentiality to share your specific searches and needs for the objective development of the work.
Still in this part of the work that together (therapist and interacting) will decide what kind of touch or technique they will develop. This decision is linked to what the interactor brings to the session, be it the search for more bodily pleasure, sexual dysfunction, body dissociation, dissatisfaction, greater awareness and others.

The therapist has the possibility of directing the work and then passing on some techniques of breathing, connection, movement and attention directing that will be fundamental for the process.

Tantric Massage


1st Stage

Sensitive Massage

The objective of this internship is to awaken the body’s bioelectricity in the physical body through touching the skin. In an extremely subtle way, we awaken the body to a sensory, subtle touch, representing the element of air. It is important to consider that the circulation of this electricity is largely responsible for the physical, mental and emotional balance of our body.

Many diseases have repercussions due to the lack of this electrical supply in the body. These electrical stimuli are gradually potentiated and become muscle spasms – they are muscle movements that appear in the form of intense waves of pleasure. The increase in volume of these waves gives rise to an incredible orgasmic experience. What happens then is what we call “dry orgasm”, or “orgastic waves”.

Exploring and raising awareness of the orgasmic potential that our body carries, we allow the experimentation of other possibilities of pleasure from a new perspective: a path to the growth and expansion of consciousness.

2nd Stage


A touch with a purpose beyond relaxation, awakening our body memories, acting on the body’s muscle resilience.

We associate this stage with the elements Earth and Water. Grounding and presence, Fluidity and movement of body energy. In alternating stages of firm touches and glides we begin a deep immersion into our being.

Only when the client is fully relaxed and disconnected will we direct their focus to kundalini awakening.

3rd Stage

Lingam Massage

Lingam is a Sanskrit word that designates the male sexual organ: in the literal translation it means “stick of light”. In Tantra, the Lingam is respectfully viewed and honored as the “stick of light” that channels creative energy and pleasure.

The Lingam Massage is done with very specific and elaborate touches and maneuvers, which are performed alternately on the Lingam (penis), on the testicles and on the perineum region. Several types of touches and stretching are used, aiming to bring greater oxygenation and blood supply to the entire pelvic area, activating reflexological points and providing varied sensations such as a man rarely has the opportunity to experience.

Due to the social construction of demands on male sexuality (men don’t fail, men don’t fail) we unconsciously carry a gigantic weight in believing that “we always have to be ready to satisfy the other”. Tantric Massage breaks this taboo as it is not necessary to play roles, show a virile sexual performance or any other conditioning related to “masculinity”. You can experience touch without charges, repressions or judgments, just feeling the neuronal reflexes distributed throughout the body as a wave of pleasure.

These stimuli potentiate energy and, increasingly, distribute it through the meridians of force in an upward direction to the 7th Chakra (Saashara or Coronary), located at the top of the head. When the energy rises, it produces a series of neuromuscular reflexes, producing excitation in the most sensitive places, spreading the stimuli also to the most sleepy points.



In this technique we offer the possibility for the person to explore all the potential that the P Point, also known as the male G Point, can offer in terms of sensorial expansion and a maximum level of pleasure that few have experienced in their lives. In men, the stimulus is produced after a succession of specific maneuvers in the external region of the anus and inside the anus, in direct contact with the prostate.

In general, men experience some apprehension regarding this stimulus as they are concerned with the issue of changing sexual preferences due to the taboo with the anal region. Our experience demonstrates that work does not interfere with gender issues, allowing a significant increase in the intensification of pleasure and altered states of perception and consciousness.

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