Massage for men: the importance of Lingam massage for male quality of life!

Just like women in Yoni massage, men also seek self-knowledge, body awareness and the discovery of intense and deep pleasure. This is the function of massage for men known as Lingam.

“Lingam” refers to the male sexual organ and is a Sanskrit nomenclature. It is believed that this is where tantra energy is channeled, as well as male pleasure. Would you like more knowledge on the subject? Follow our new article and enjoy all the knowledge.

What is this massage for men?
Lingam is specific for men and works not only the penis, but the entire male pelvic region. It is a special type of massage that promises to release accumulated sexual tension, channeling all the energy into the Lingam.

Remembering that there are no goals in this type of massage. Erection and ejaculation may occur, but not necessarily will. The tantric therapist has no responsibility to promote orgasm. The aim is to achieve sexual pleasure so intense that you feel it throughout your body and not just the Lingam. However, if the patient climaxes, it was a sensual experience and not a sexual one, feeling something unique.

Benefits of Lingam Massage

Increase in erection time; discovery of intense pleasure;

Improvement in sexual dysfunctions (premature ejaculation, erection problems, etc);

Multiple ejaculations and orgasms;

Awakens dormant sensations;

Promotes self-knowledge;

Relief from sexual tension;

Improved sexual stamina;

Reduction of pain,

Stress and depression.

How to prepare for a Lingam massage session?

If you want to enjoy every experience provided by massage for men, the command is RELAX! Detach yourself from the pressure exerted by society that men must have impeccable sexual performance. This is not the best thought to have during the massage session. Therefore, free your mind from social stigmas, try to rest your conscience to receive stimuli and enjoy this moment to the fullest.

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