Gold Hand Therapy


Gold Hand Therapy massage begins with a gentle touch and slowly moves all over the body, bringing peaceful energy, easing the mind and body, being the essential basis for the alignment and activation of sexual energy, with the sole intention of activating the body’s bioenergy, helping you to enter a state of deep relaxation.

When I feel that your mind is rested, I begin the massage I call conscious earth, a deeper relaxing massage, focused on the body’s muscles and on releasing mental health, this is the moment when you will be completely consciously relaxed and forgetting all the accumulated negative stress of everyday life. So your mind and body are ready for the transformation and transmutation of sexual energy in your favour.

You’ll be amazed at the many ways you can enhance and explore your sexual energy by favouring redirecting this powerful energy and desire only in the body with a conscious mind shifting focus like in alchemy, through meditation, breathing and unique intimate touches. A amazing full body massage, including the YONI (She) and LINGAM (he) genitals, an intimate massage in front and back, free from taboos, prejudices or modesty.

Here you are free to experience emotions and feel pleasure that you may never have felt, your body will be like a temple in my hands. You will feel your sexual energy move inside your body like a beautiful dance, while you whisper and squirm desiring more and more eloquent pleasure inside your body, your mind will be totally relaxed and free to formulate the most beautiful intentions and desires.

All of this happens through touch GOLD HAND THERAPY, where I Hanna will be able to raise your consciousness to a new form of conscious health sexual pleasure, through multiple orgasms and unimaginable explosions of feeling with a beautiful, powerful and magnificent ejaculation.

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